Electronic Claims & Infinedi

Sending Electronic Claims SeamLESS was designed to send all primary claims electronically through a claims clearinghouse and all secondary claims via paper. At this time our partners at Infinedi are the only clearing house officially supported by SeamLESS. SeamLESS features an integrated secure ftp transfer tool which can upload your electronic claims to Infinedi for […]

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Print-to-File in SeamLESS

Some users may not be able to send certain claims for certain payers through Infinedi Electronic Data Interchange and may be asked to sent a text file containing the claim/s via a third party secure upload tool or even fax. This article provides information on installing a generic text printer in Microsoft Windows for creating these text file claims.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I withhold claims for my auto accident patient from being sent to Infinedi?
    • There may be certain instances in which you don't want claims to be processed through Infinedi electronically or by way of their Drop to Paper feature, but rather prefer or need to send the claims on paper forms yourself. This may include but is not limited to auto accident claims. For such cases, you can add a special code, "D3L" (without quotations) as the first 3 characters in Box 19 on your claim. You can find the Box 19 field on the patient diagnosis screen under "Additional Info." When you place this specific indicator in that field, Infinedi will disregard the claim so that it will not be double billed if you are billing via paper claims forms yourself.