Connection Issues

Identifying the Problem After launching the SeamLESS application, the first screen to open is the sign-in window. The SeamLESS sign-in window has a field marked as “Server.” When this item is clicked, it will present a drop down menu which may take a moment to populate. You will then see the following message presented, “Searching […]

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Errors or Other Issues

Unhandled Exceptions and Program Errors It is important to understand that when you encounter an error in SeamLESS that most all issues will be an “Unhandled Exception.” When an Unhandled Exeption  event occurs, it should not be presumed the same as a previous or future Unhandled Exception. These occurences may, in fact, be completely unrelated. […]

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eBook Manual Database Installation

Use the following directions if you are unable to sign into eBook and receive any type of error other than “Username and/or password is incorrect.”   First Verify if your SeamLESS Server computer is running 32-bit or 6-4bit Windows: • Open System by clicking the Start button • Click Control Panel, then System and Maintenance, and finally System. […]

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