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First, complete and submit the following form to receive your unique software license key. Your information will submission will be reviewed and verified. When verified, approved and provided your software license key (serial number) can be used to install the software with the instructions below. You will receive your serial number in an email response. eBook license requests are processed ad-hoc during the discretionary time of the website administrator if available Monday through Thursday between the hours of 10PM and 6PM CST.

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Installation Instructions

Before you begin: Make sure your eBook computer is networked properly to the other computers on your network running SeamLESS. Either configure Windows firewall on the eBook computer according to the instructions on the troubleshooting article or turn it off. You will also want to make sure your eBook computer is on the same Windows workgroup as the SeamLESS server and make sure Windows User Account Control is off. When turning off Windows User Account Control or changing Workgroup Settings, remember that the changes to dot take effect until the computer is restarted.

  • Windows 7 is strongly recommended, and to get the most out of eBook you will need widescreen multi-touch monitor. Check out ourĀ hardware recommendations for eBook. eBook is compatible with both 32bit and 64 bit systems.
  • It is strongly recommended that your eBook be connected via standard ethernet rather than a wireless connection. It is also recommended that you disable your wireless adapter on your eBook computer to prevent technical complications associated with the interference of open wireless networks which the device may intermittently connect to without your knowing.
  • If your eBook computer has an antivirus or internet securities application such Norton Internet Security or McAfee found on HP and Dell all-in-one computers, uninstall. These programs were designed for the consumer market and are not well suited for applications requiring interoffice communication. Speak to your IT professional about business class security and firewalls on the front end of your network if you have any concerns
  1. Download the latestĀ  eBook Installer (718 downloads) from this website and save file in any location of your eBook computer.
  2. Locate and double-click on the file called eBook_Installer.msi to launch the installer.
  3. Follow the prompt and click Next.
  4. When the installer asks for your user name and organization, enter the doctor’s name and the clinic name. The Serial Number you should enter is the license key provided after after you submitted the application form.
  5. You must accept the terms of the License Agreement to continue the installation. Click Next.
  6. Unless you have been instructed otherwise by an IT professional, leave the folder location as the default setting provided, and click Next.
  7. Click Install.
  8. Before you click Finish, be sure and check “Launch Pinnacle eBook.” This is important as this is the only way to access the database installer which is a required step.
  9. It may be a moment before the Pinnacle eBook Database Installer launches. When you see the window, be sure to select the correct server from the drop-down list. If you are unsure of your server, this can be verified by taking a look at whatever is listed in the SeamLESS Sign-In window of any one of your other computers. The database should be the same.
  10. Next, refer to the second drop-down list referring to the operating system. The operating system references are very general and most often point to the correct script for your system, however the result solely depends on the existence of a folder called Program Files (x86) on the main hard drive (C:\) of your SeamLESS SERVER computer. If you are able to identify that you do have this folder, choose the Windows 7 script regardless of which operating system you are running. If not, choose the Windows XP script. Choosing the wrong script will simply result in an error. If this occurs, double-click the eBook_Installer.msi file once again and choose to remove the program. Start back at step 1, and this time, choose the other script.
  11. After the system tells you that the installation is complete, you may now click to Close the Database Installer.
  12. It is recommended that you watch the video tutorial before opening and signing into eBook.
  13. Watch the eBook Tutorial and follow along while reading the video transcript.

Click here for the eBook Video Tutorial.

Click here if you are unable to sign into eBook Control Panel and receive any type of error other than “Username and/or password is incorrect.”