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eSuite is an application suite available to all SeamLESS users at no additional cost. Currently, eSuite includes three components: Reports (with 38 Additional Reports) and Utilities (Including AutoBackup, Database Maintenance), and Payments (for credit/debit card payment processing and posting). These apps are included with eSuite, and other apps are coming in the near future. Some will be at additional cost and some will be at no additional cost. eSuite itself along with Reports, Utilities, and Payments will remain free. For more information on eSuite apps, see menu at left on this page.


eSuite also includes an auto-updater which checks every 7 days automatically for updates to eSuite. You can also check for updates to eSuite at any time by double-clicking on the eSuite updater icon on your system desktop.  Updates are not deployed across the network.  When updating eSuite, make sure that you update each eSuite computer individually.

Current Release:

To verify your software version, open the eSuite application and sign in. Next double-click the SeamLESS logo button in the top left corner of the screen. The software version will be displayed on the “About” details window. NOTE: The “eBook Reports within the suite require eBook for information; these reports will only function if eBook is installed on your network.

This eSuite update requires Seamless Version or later for compatibility. This will be the last regular update to require a manual installation. All future updates will be handled by the integrated auto upgrade utility within eSuite. If your eSuite does not reflect the latest version number presented above, please uninstall you current version, and download and install again. The installer file on this website is the newest version.

Known Issue: When running the Case Hold or Visit Hold reports from a client workstation, you may receive a SQL statement error. Workaround: The error only occurs on client workstations; if you have access to the Seamless server, run either or both of the reports from it. The error will not occur from the server computer. Resolution: A patch will soon be released to completely resolve the issue.