Thank you for visiting. This page is dedicated to user developed help materials for SeamLESS V1 software for chiropractic practice. We are currently finishing up an entirely new release. Stay tuned for more information.

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Introduction & Basics

This video tutorial provides an overview of basics such as the Sign-In screen, Control Panel and Doctor's Screen. You will learn how to access the Control Panel, set up user accounts and how to sign-in as a C.A. or Doctor. Understanding these core components will help you get oriented. (Runtime: 6:25) Read Article ›

Insurance Case

Entering a New Patient: Insurance Case (Runtime: 4:26) Read Article ›

Installation Options

If you have already purchased or leased SeamLESS software, you can get started with your installation at any time by using your own IT professional or doing it yourself with via SeamLESSwiki.com. See the D.I.Y. Installation article for more information. Advanced installation and support options are available through Mentor Technologies. Read Article ›

Letter Templates

Letter Templates (Runtime: 5:55) Read Article ›